Michael Maas is Senior Partner at Group 206, which he joined in 2013. Mr. Maas focuses on executing Group 206’s investment strategy and serving as a hands-partner to our companies to enhance value post investment. Mr. Maas is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience delivering outsized business growth, executing value creation strategies in a variety of roles and as a leadership coach.

Mr. Maas also serves as an executive coach at CEOCI, a leadership development and executive coaching practice serving Chief Executive Officers and C-level executives from companies around the world. Mr. Mass joined CEOCI in 2015 and has helped numerous Chief Executive Officers and executive teams achieve increased growth and value creation. In February 2021, Mr. Maas joined Waterfield Technologies, a leading technology organization focused on the delivery of customer experience solutions in and around the contact center, as a strategic advisor.

Prior to joining Group 206, Mr. Maas served as the CEO of SVG Distribution a Los Angeles based video game distribution company in 1993. Mr. Maas held several positions during SVG’s rapid growth, including president and Chief Executive Officer. SVG, along with its sister company Crave Entertainment, became market leaders and, under the umbrella of Crave Entertainment Group, were sold to The Handleman Company in 2005. After Handleman purchased the company, Mr. Maas served as SVG’s President and Chief Executive Officer through 2008. Mr. Maas was also an original investor and advisor of Solutions 2 GO Inc (Canada). In 2009, Mr. Maas helped form Solutions 2 GO, LLC (U.S.) and served as its President and Chief Executive Officer until 2015.

Mr. Maas has served on a variety of boards including The Child Abuse Prevention Center, Young Presidents Organization, and Waterfield Technologies, a leading technology integration firm.